Impossibly Adorable Prince George Greeting President Obama in His Jammies Should Already Have Broken the Internet

Somebody stayed up past his bed time.


Any excuse to stay up past bed time, right?

Prince George of Cambridge was allotted a few extra minutes of wakefulness on Friday evening when he met President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama during their visit to Kensington Palace.

Despite being all ready for lights out, the 2-year-old accompanied the Obamas on a mini-tour of the Palace, even showing them how much he enjoyed the rocking horse they gifted him when he was born.

The Obamas' visit to the UK was arranged by Prince William and Kate Middleton, with Prince Harry also in attendance.


Alas, the trip overseas wasn't all choice wooden craftsmanship and sleepy babies; the visit also included lunch with Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle, and a joint press conference with British Prime Minister David Cameron.

It's pretty obvious what the highlight of the trip was, though, right?

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