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Michael Jordan 2021 National Baseball Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
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Michael Jordan European Best Pictures Of The Weekend - May 17
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Michael Jordan 2021 Basketball Hall of Fame Enshrinement Ceremony
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Michael Jordan's Home Auction Postponed

By Livingly Staff on
Michael Jordan is trying to sell his Chicago home.  He first put the property up for sale (starting with a $29 million price tag and eventually lowering the price to $21 million), but ultimately pulled the listing off of the market.  He now plans to sell to the highest bidder at auction.  The auction was originaly scheduled for today, but got postponed until December 16th. "The interest has been even stronger than we anticipated," stated Laura Brady, President of Concierge Auctions, the team...Read Full Story

Tour Michael Jordan's $29 Million House (Video)

By Deena Bustillo on
Michael Jordan is looking to unload his home in Highland Park, Illinois for the reasonable asking price of $29 million. The NBA legend used to live there with his wife and kids but has apparently decided it's time to move on from the 32,683 sq-ft pad.The house will be perfect for the right gazillionaire. It has a guest house, 500-bottle wine cellar, an indoor basketball court (regulation-size, of course), a cigar parlor, and Jordan's jersey number emblazoned on the gates leading into the...Read Full Story

Jordan Dunks Again (Video)

By Adam Wenger on
Michael Jordan has still got plenty of hop left in his 48-year-old knees, as he threw down a dunk with ease at the Charlotte Bobcats fantasy camp to the delight of everyone watching. His Airness, or MJ, or the man who made Space Jam the most amazingly bad sports movie of all time, proved any (were there any?) of his skeptics wrong by flying through the air and landing a right hand dunk. With the next NBA season currently in limbo, this video is arguably the most exciting basketball related...Read Full Story

Michael Jordan Lookalike Disappoints Fans at Charity Game Hoax

By Olivia on
Those who were psyched to see Michael Jordan play a one-on-one charity game against his old rival Byron Russell faced serious disappointment yesterday when he never showed up. You see, Utah Flash owner Brandt Andersen though it would be fun to tell everyone Jordan was participating in the $100,000 charity match and even leaked a fake video of the former basketball star in Utah. But it was all a hoax. Two bodyguards watch "Michael Jordan" eat in Utah in haox video (Businessinsider.com...Read Full Story

Michael Jordan Not Pleased with Hall of Fame Nomination

By Tatiana Guertin on
It was announced Monday that Michael Jordan would be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame this September. While this isn't exactly shocking news, Jordan's reaction was a little odd.Most athletes are overcome with emotion when they're inducted into their sport's hall of fame. Some cry, others smile to the point that it's creepy and most make long drawn out speeches to try and explain an emotion that most people will never understand.Jordan on the other hand seemed slightly offended, and...Read Full Story