Beyoncé Got More Emmy Nominations on Her Super Bowl Halftime Show Than Madonna Did

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(Getty Images)Beyoncé Knowles seems poised to inch a few steps closer to an EGOT today, as she's scored three Emmy Nominations for her ultra-dramatic halftime show at February's Super Bowl XLVII.Knowles' performance, which proved so earth-shattering the stadium's lights went out for a good 20 minutes afterwards, was nominated for Outstanding Technical Direction - Camerawork, Video Control For A Miniseries, Movie Or A Special, Outstanding Special Class - Short-Format Live-Action Entertainment...Read Full Story

Jay-Z Dramatically Unveils His 'Magna Carta... Holy Grail' Cover Art Alongside the Actual Magna Carta

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(Life and Times)Jay-Z has opted for high drama on the cover of his upcoming album Magna Carta... Holy Grail, which features a pair of statues frozen in a tense moment, the rapper's name emblazoned in black over their chests with a thick censorship bar across it. Even more dramatic was his method of showcasing it: Jay somehow convinced the powers that be at England's Salisbury Cathedral to display the new cover in the same room as one of the four existing copies of the actual Magna Carta, a...Read Full Story

Listen to '632-5792,' The Song Beyoncé Recorded When She Was Only 10

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Today's evidence that strongly suggests Beyoncé Knowles was born awesome comes in the form of "632-5792," a ballad the performer reportedly recorded when she was all of ten years old. It's a lovey dovey slow jam about a dreamy poetry-writing boy she's hoping will give her a call. Knowles' voice sounds surprisingly mature on the track, especially given she probably hadn't yet experienced puberty at the time.  See more Beyonce photos:Read Full Story

Beyoncé's Sexy New Tune 'Standing on the Sun' Hits the Web in Full

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(H&M)Beyoncé hasn't even officially released her new tune "Standing on the Sun" as a single — yet — but that doesn't mean she can't score a summer anthem relatively late in the game. Fans are loving the full-length version of the song, originally heard in the singer's steamy bikini ads for H&M, even if it's not entirely clear if this is the finished version.Listen to the track below, and tell us: Is this what you've been missing from the Queen Bey?Read Full Story

'Forbes' Determines the 100 Most Powerful Celebs of 2013, But Who's No. 1?

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(Photo: Getty Images | Pacific Coast News)Oprah doesn't need a daytime talk show to be the most powerful player in Hollywood. Just as Forbes magazine, which released it's annual celebrity power rankings Wednesday with Oprah resting comfortably in the top position, outdoing the likes of Beyonce (No. 4), Justin Bieber (No. 9), and Ellen DeGeneres (No. 10), someone who still has a popular talk show to lean on. Oprah finally snatched the number one ranking after sitting in second position for two...Read Full Story

Jay-Z Drops the Lyrics to 'Holy Grail,' His New Track Featuring Justin Timberlake

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Jay-Z doesn't write down his lyrics — he has someone else do that for him.This week, the rap mogul amplified the hype on his upcoming album Magna Carta Holy Grail by dropping the lyrics to what will presumably be the first single off his new release, "Holy Grail," which features his pal Justin Timberlake. Naturally, he did so via the Samsung Galaxy app — the same one that will unlock a digital version of the album for a million users before it goes on sale to the public."Holy Grail" visits...Read Full Story

Beyoncé Announces Tour Dates Through the End of the Year — Remember When Everyone Thought She Was Pregnant?

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(Getty Images)If the wine photos and sexy crop tops hadn't already clued you in, there's yet more evidence that Beyoncé Knowles is not currently with child, as was reported by E! Online a few weeks ago. Like the fact that she just announced a slew of tour dates that will have her doing the "Single Ladies" dance on through December.Though Knowles has yet to make any new music announcements — it is rather hard to record and finish a new album when you're already on tour — she has confirmed new...Read Full Story

Listen to a Snippet of Beyoncé's 'Standing on the Sun,' aka the H&M Commercial Song

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(H&M)It may be several more frustrating months before avowed perfectionist Beyoncé finally releases a new single, but at least she's willing to throw her fans a bone from time to time. This week, that bone comes in the form of a 93-second snippet of "Standing on the Sun," otherwise known as the track that plays in her super sexy H&M swimsuit commercial."I can't deny your desire / Feel like I'm on fire," Bey croons in the new tune, which would've made a great beachtime summer jam... if she'd...Read Full Story

Poll: What's Your Favorite Children's Movie Single of 2013 Thus Far?

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(Universal Pictures | Sony Pictures Animation | Blue Sky Studios)This seems to be the year when top-notch artists are churning out hit singles for kid's flicks left and right. So far, we've heard Beyonce's inspirational ballad "Rise Up" from Epic (she also does the voice over for Queen Tara), Britney Spear's party-happy "Oh La La" from The Smurfs 2, and Pharrell's super catchy feel-good anthem aptly titled "Happy." Until we hear more soundtrack tunes from other notable music-makers, we want...Read Full Story

Beyonce Pens a Handwritten Note Congratulating Tennis Star Serena Williams

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(PacificCoastNews | Getty) When it comes to the art of communication, Beyonce is all about the "personal touch." First it was the handwritten note she crafted for fans apologizing for canceling a Mrs. Carter Tour show in Belgium. This time, she took a moment to share on Facebook her excitement about Serena William's Saturday French Open win (and16th earned Grand Slam title) by grabbing a pad and pen and scribbling a few lovely, inspirational words to the mega tennis star.  (Facebook)Read Full Story