Beyoncé Encourages Her Fans to 'Bey Good' In a Touching New Video

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(YouTube)There is no pop superstar who maintains tighter control of her image than Beyoncé Knowles. Earlier this year, she directed and executive produced the most intimate look at her life to date, HBO's Life Is But a Dream, and she regularly posts high-quality behind-the-scenes looks at her life on the road.This week, the singer posted a heartwarming video of her interacting with fans of all shapes and sizes posted under the title, "The Mrs. Carter Show, Bey Good." In addition to clips of...Read Full Story

Ranking the MTV VMAs' Video of the Year Winners From Best to Worst

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(VEVO)Just because MTV designates a music video the "Video of the Year" doesn't mean it was actually the best of its time. Case in point: Michael Jackson never won. Ever. But there have been some pretty spectacular, rightful winners — and they're near the top half of this completely subjective list.Here are all the Video of the Year VMA winners since 1984, ranked and ranked hard.1. Peter Gabriel, "Sledgehammer"Sorry Kanye: Peter Gabriel had the best music video of ALL TIME — or, at the very...Read Full Story

So... Why Is Madonna Wearing a Grill?

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(Getty Images)On Wednesday, Madonna paid a visit to the Rome branch of her Hard Candy Fitness chain, waving to the throngs of fans stationed outside and flashing smiles for photographers. But Madonna's smiles were a little creepier than usual, as her pearly whites were concealed by a heavy-duty grill.So. Why is Madonna wearing a grill? It's definitely not because it flatters her. (Getty Images)The answer is simple but boggling: Grills are in right now, especially among female pop stars.If we...Read Full Story

Beyoncé Dropped Over $2K on Chicken

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Whatever Beyoncé wants, Beyoncé gets — and on Saturday, she wanted over $2,000 worth of chicken. Don't Miss: The Most Outrageous Celebrity Purchases Beyonce, Justin Bieber, and Other Stars Who've Been Booed The singer and her crew enjoyed a feast of chicken wings, whole chickens, and veggie burgers after their performance at the V Festival over the weekend, splashing down £1,444 at an Essex county Nando's. The international chicken chain is apparently a favorite with Bey and company...Read Full Story

When Big Stars Get Booed: Beyoncé, Justin Bieber, and Other Pop Stars Who Have Faced Unfriendly Audiences

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(Getty Images | Instagram)It's generally accepted that Beyoncé Knowles is some kind of superhero, but apparently even superheros get booed sometimes. This weekend, the performer took to the stage about a half hour late, reportedly drawing boos from am impatient crowd before launching into a 70 minute set featuring no fewer than five costume changes.Believe it or not, it wasn't the first time the Queen Bey got booed. Back in 2001, she and her Destiny's Child groupmates learned that if you're...Read Full Story

Beyoncé's New Bob: Preferable to the Pixie?

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(Instagram | Bauer Griffin)Beyoncé caused quite a splash last week when she debuted a kicky new pixie cut on Instagram, but apparently she wasn't all that fond of the look. On Thursday, the performer was spotted grabbing lunch with her husband, Jay Z, their daughter, Blue Ivy, and a brand new head of hair.Beyoncé's new 'do is some sort of angled bob, which she left loosely styled under a boho headband. It's unclear if it's a weave of a wig, but it's certainly much grungier than the gamine cut...Read Full Story

Beyoncé Rode Her Bike to Her Final Concert in Brooklyn

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(Instagram)Beyonce ditched the limo to show everyone that she knows how to join the weekday work commute like everybody else. The "Grown Woman" singer posted a few snaps to Instagram which showed herself working up a sweat while pedaling across the Brooklyn Bridge on Monday afternoon.Queen Bey was on her way to the Barclay's Center in Brooklyn for her final U.S. tour stop before the second leg of her world tour overseas. Monday night's star-studded concert was attended by everyone from Tilda...Read Full Story

Celebrity Stylist Lysa Cooper Gets Real About Beyoncé and Rihanna

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(Getty Images)Vogue Italia has a fascinating new interview with celebrity stylist Lysa Cooper, who is wholly responsible for some of the most iconic looks of the past decade or so thanks to her innovative work with the entertainment industry's heavy hitters. Cooper is perhaps best known for her association with Beyoncé, although she did work for a time with Bey's supposed rival Rihanna — and from reading her interview, it's immediately obvious which superstar she prefers. The entire...Read Full Story

Beyoncé Gets Her Beautiful Hair Stuck in a Fan — And Posts the Video!

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(Getty Images)Beyoncé fought an epic battle with a rude little fan of a different variety at her concert in Montreal on Monday.The singer was powering through her ballad "Halo," strutting through her audience as always, when some of her glorious hair got entangled in a fan next to the stage. Knowles didn't miss a note, naturally, even as her security team worked furiously to free her. She even posted a note about the incident to Instagram afterwards, revealing that she has a sweet sense of...Read Full Story

The 3 Best Beyoncé Fan Freakouts

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(Tumblr)It's pretty much established that Beyoncé Knowles is a superhero, with one of her greatest powers being her ability to reduce normal people to quivering heaps of ecstatic joy. Thankfully, the Internet makes it easy to revisit these soul-shaking moments... and laugh at them, maybe. Just a little.There are a great number of Bey-related freakouts on YouTube, but some are just a little more special than others. Like the clip of a fan clasping the performer's hand at a recent concert and...Read Full Story