Mariah Carey and Other Artists Who've Featured Their Children in Their Songs

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(Twitter)Mariah Carey has been toiling away on her much anticipated upcoming album The Art of Letting Go for about four years now, but there's an upside to the lengthy wait: Fans will get to hear Carey's toddler twins Moroccan and Monroe for the first time. Last week, Carey told People that her children are featured on a song she wrote with Bryan-Michael Cox and Jermaine Dupri."There's a part that Jermaine says on the song that [the kids] loved, and Monroe started to say it," Carey explained...Read Full Story

Who Has the Filthiest 'Drunk in Love' Remix: Kanye or T.I.?

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(YouTube)Beyoncé treated fans to a very dirty Valentine's Day present last week with the surprise release of Kanye West's "Drunk in Love" remix. The new track takes the already raunchy song to new filthy heights with its wildly explicit rhymes, many of them seemingly inspired by his fiancée Kim Kardashian. Now T.I. has tried his hand at a remix, and though his version strays much further from the song's original formula (he's made it into a trap song) it's pretty similar, thematically. Lots...Read Full Story

That 'Drunk in Love' Ice Dancing Routine Wasn't Real, But These Pop Performances Are

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(Getty Images)This week, someone at Buzzfeed cleverly paired Beyoncé's "Drunk in Love" with an ice dancing routine by seasoned champs Meryl Davis and Charlie White, who helped the U.S. ice dancing team win a bronze medal last weekend. The end result, which uses footage from a 2013 performance, is shockingly fluid.   White and Davis have yet to actually skate to Beyoncé in real life, but they've been known to rock a pop song or two on the ice, as have a number of other ice dancers and figure...Read Full Story

We Can Add 'Affair With Barack Obama' to the Most Ridiculous Beyoncé Rumors Now

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(Getty Images)A few years ago, Jay Z raised some eyebrows when he blithely referred to his wife Beyoncé Knowles as the "second coming of Michael Jackson." He meant it as a compliment, of course, referring to her dedication and drive, but the statement is true in other ways, too. As one of the world's most beloved entertainers, Beyoncé has, like Michael, become a source of endless public fascination — and is therefore subject to far more scrutiny and speculation than pretty much anyone else...Read Full Story

In Case You Needed One More Reason to Think Beyonce's Awesome

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Reason 960,708,593 that Beyonce is a total badass: She jumped off a giant yacht — in a bikini, no less — and let Jay Z film the whole thing.The footage was taken recently while Hollywood's hottest couple was on yet another exotic vacation. Jay did the honors of counting down and holding the camera while Bey took the plunge. We'd like to think Blue Ivy was standing by with a scorecard. Check it out: The yacht's giant and she hardly made a splash.Read Full Story

Pop Diva Collaborations Ranked From Best to Worst

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(NBC | VEVO)Lady Gaga caught one of Britney Spears' performances in Las Vegas over the weekend (and chowed down on Britney's dad's barbecue!), so naturally there are whispers that the pair will team up in the recording studio sometime soon for some pop diva duet magic.  Both Gaga and Britney have played this card before, as have most other chart-topping females. When divas join forces, they're guaranteed hype — but sometimes the execution doesn't quite live up to expectations. Not all diva...Read Full Story

Need a Cuddle Buddy? Your Life-Sized Ryan Gosling Body Pillow to the Rescue

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(Etsy | Getty) A few buzzworthy tidbits from around the web to distract you from your work day.These Ryan Gosling cuddle buddy pillows are the best. Ever dream of falling asleep next to the most perfect man in the world? Now you can! One seller on Etsy is now offering life-sized Gosling body pillows for your enjoyment. Aww, he's so dapper — even as a screen print.  Celebrate Valentine's Day with this Beyoncé-themed restaurant menu. One Brooklyn restaurant is getting real gimmicky (or awesome...Read Full Story

Seriously, Beyoncé Woke Up Like This

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(Instagram)A few buzzworthy tidbits from around the web to distract you from your work day.Beyoncé is flawless. The singer practices what she preaches, apparently. Madonna + Miley Cyrus = A pop diva explosion. The highlight of Miley Cyrus' MTV Unplugged telecast was, without a doubt, her duet with living legend Madonna. It featured lots of grinding and sexual gestures. Pharrell wants you to get "Hatty." The Internet could not stop buzzing about Pharrell's gigantic hat at the 2014 Grammy...Read Full Story

So, Who Was the Best Dancer at the 2014 Grammys?

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(Getty) At certain times during the 2014 Grammys, it felt like the entire stage was actually a giant disco ball spreading dance fever to all those in the audience. Big names like Taylor Swift, Steven Tyler, Yoko Ono, and Robin Thicke were not immune. But after watching all of these famous people get wrapped up in dancing bliss, we wanted to know: Who was the best dancer in the audience at this year's Grammys? Let's count down and find out!  10. Katy Perry: She was kind of holding back...Read Full Story

Beyoncé's Grammy Performance Is Not the Most Risqué Thing Your Child Will Ever See

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(Getty) Last night, Beyoncé and Jay Z treated the Grammy audience to a scorching rendition of "Drunk in Love." The awards show opener featured five minutes of skillful leg work, and plenty of sexy gyrating between Yonce and her man. In other words, it was a TMI moment showcasing how this musical couple probably gets down in private. Despite the performance being "tame" in comparison to past Grammy performances, some moms and fans were not impressed:Let's get one thing straight: A performance...Read Full Story