The Jay Z and Beyoncé Tour Is Still on, Of Course

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(Getty Images)Internet sleuths are having a field day coming up with conspiracy theories about why Solange Knowles allegedly attacked her brother-in-law Jay Z in the elevator at the Standard Hotel last week. Many believe — based on their expert body language reading abilities — that Solange must have been sticking up for her big sister when she repeatedly lunged and kicked at Jay, since Beyoncé does not appear to be an active party in the situation. But if there is trouble in Carter paradise...Read Full Story

Everyone Is Making the Same Bad Joke About That Terrible Jay Z and Solange Elevator Video

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(Getty Images)On Monday morning, TMZ posted one of their most shocking video exclusives to date: A minute-long confrontation between Solange Knowles and her brother-in-law, Jay Z, in an elevator at New York City's Standard Hotel.The fight, which went down sometime after last week's star-studded Met Gala, appears pretty one-sided: Solange swipes and kicks at Jay Z as a bodyguard struggles to hold her back. Jay Z is never shown hitting back, although he does at one point grab Solange's foot...Read Full Story

Beyoncé Photobombed Another Selfie Over the Weekend

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(Twitter)A few buzzworthy tidbits from around the web to distract you from your work day. Beyoncé does not look amused in this involuntary photobomb taken by a fan. Who knows, maybe her pouty face has something to do with that crazy elevator altercation between Jay Z and her sister Solange. That would leave us feeling bent out of shape too. (via HuffingtonPost) JLaw has an interesting reaction to being crowned "Sexiest Woman in the World."The Hunger Games actress was given the honor by FHM...Read Full Story

Monica Lewinsky Has a Bone to Pick With Beyoncé

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(FameFlynet | Getty Images)With all the 90s nostalgia that's taken over the Internet in the past year or so, it's kind of surprising that Monica Lewinsky hasn't been a hot topic for well over a decade. Earlier this week, Vanity Fair published a few excerpts from an upcoming piece by Lewinsky (due Thursday, May 8), pushing her back into the spotlight with candid quotes about what the scandal did to her life. "Thanks, Beyoncé, but if we're verbing, I think you meant 'Bill Clinton'd all on my...Read Full Story

Jay Z and Beyoncé Are Going 'On the Run' Together This Summer

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( weeks of rumors, the most highly anticipated co-headlining concert tour of the summer has finally been confirmed: Beyoncé and Jay Z are hitting the road together.The announcement was stealthy, as are most things Beyoncé does these days. An image of the the powerful couple sporting ski masks popped up on both of their official websites, accompanied by a string of dates (tickets are available through an exclusive pre-sale starting tomorrow). The first stop on the blockbuster...Read Full Story

Mariah Carey Just Unwittingly Opened Herself Up to a Flood of Beyoncé Comparisons

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(Getty Images)If you want to end up on Mariah Carey's bad side (aka her left), it's pretty easy: Compare her to any other singer in the game. The pop superstar does not appreciate comparisons to other so-called divas. Take, for example, her response to reports that up-and-comer Ariana Grande was being hailed as a "young Mariah" during an interview on 105.1's The Breakfast Club. "First of all, I'm still young 'cause I discount numbers. Numerically speaking, I stopped counting at 17," Mariah...Read Full Story

Here's Musical Proof That Beyoncé Doesn't Always Need to Be the Center of Attention

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(Getty Images)Beyoncé has spent almost the entirety of her life in the spotlight, so she's pretty used to causing a commotion with whatever she does. Even in her Destiny's Child's days, she tended to be the only one people talked about, and things haven't really changed — but she is capable of playing second fiddle from time to time, it turns out.Mrs. Carter is prominently featured on "Dreams," a gorgeous new track by her mysterious producer Boots, aka Jordy Asher, but she doesn't exactly...Read Full Story

Cuteness Overload: Blue Ivy Meets the Easter Bunny

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Beyonce TumblrIn today's roundup of juicy celeb news: Blue Ivy hangs with the Easter Bunny, a Bachelor couple welcomes a baby, Lindsay Lohan shares some shocking news, and more...Blue Meets the BunnyWho had the cutest Easter of them all? The Carter family, hands down. Blue Ivy even met the Easter Bunny! Beyonce, of course, posted pictures of their adorable Easter Sunday on her Tumblr and there's just so much preciousness going down: Blue's bunny ears, her metallic Easter dress and matching...Read Full Story

Who Had the Better Beyoncé Cover: John Mayer or Ed Sheeran?

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(Getty Images)John Mayer is currently on tour in Australia, where he's splitting his time between concert festivals and arena shows. This week, he treated a crowd in Adelaide to a very special treat: An acoustic cover of Beyoncé's love anthem "XO."Mayer stripped the song down to a few chords, punching it up with a bluesy harmonica solo. He also tweeted his appreciation for Mrs. Carter a few days ago, writing, "The best thing about Beyoncé? The break in her voice on the first "baby, love me...Read Full Story

People Are More Excited Over the Beyonce/Jay Z Tour Rumor Than They Were Over Those Pregnancy Reports

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Last year, the Internet almost imploded when a very familiar rumor about the status of Beyoncé Knowles' womb gained some legs with the tabloid media. E! Online famously jumped the gun, reporting that a source (anonymous, naturally) had confirmed that the singer was expecting her second child with husband Jay Z.The news turned out to be false, but the mere possibility of a sequel to the glorious creature known as Blue Ivy Carter sent Beyoncé's beloved Beyhive into a frenzy.  BEYONCE PREGNANT...Read Full Story