Listen to a Snippet of Beyoncé's 'Standing on the Sun,' aka the H&M Commercial Song

(H&M)It may be several more frustrating months before avowed perfectionist Beyoncé finally releases a new single, but at least she's willing to throw her fans a bone from time to time. This week, that bone comes in the form of a 93-second snippet of "Standing on the Sun," otherwise known as the track that plays in her super sexy H&M swimsuit commercial.

"I can't deny your desire / Feel like I'm on fire," Bey croons in the new tune, which would've made a great beachtime summer jam... if she'd ever gotten around to an official release.

But that's not all! There's also a live recording of the full song. Okay, Beyoncé, we forgive you.

For now.

But seriously, hurry up already.

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