When Big Stars Get Booed: Beyoncé, Justin Bieber, and Other Pop Stars Who Have Faced Unfriendly Audiences

(Getty Images | Instagram)It's generally accepted that Beyoncé Knowles is some kind of superhero, but apparently even superheros get booed sometimes. This weekend, the performer took to the stage about a half hour late, reportedly drawing boos from am impatient crowd before launching into a 70 minute set featuring no fewer than five costume changes.

Believe it or not, it wasn't the first time the Queen Bey got booed. Back in 2001, she and her Destiny's Child groupmates learned that if you're playing a home game in Philadelphia, it's not a good idea to wear Lakers gear. Stay tuned through the end to see Beyoncé's little sister sass the crowd right back.

At least Beyoncé is in excellent company. Here are some other stars who've had to face unfriendly audiences.

Justin Bieber, Billboard Music Awards, 2013
Poor Justin Bieber. The guy has had to deal with being booed more than once in his 19 years, most notably during his acceptance speech at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards when he was trying to make a point about being a "serious artist."

Ashlee Simpson, Miami, 2005
Ashlee Simpson definitely sang live for her performance at the 2005 Orange Bowl in Miami, which took place only a few months after her embarrassing lip-sync moment on Saturday Night Live. That didn't keep the audience from voicing their disapproval, however.

Spice Girls, Spain, 1997
In November 1997, the Spice Girls refused to take the stage at Spain's biggest entertainment awards show, the Premios Ondas, until photographers left the room. The video below is spectacularly cringe-worthy.

Amy Winehouse, Belgrade, 2011
About a month before her death, Amy Winehouse delivered a heartbreakingly terrible performance in Belgrade, Serbia, during which she appeared unable to remember the lyrics to most of her own songs. She was eventually booed off the stage.

Rihanna, Boston, 2013
Rihanna was already on shaky ground with her fans in Boston when she got booed in May 2003. The singer had already cancelled her Diamonds World Tour date in Beantown earlier that year due to "illness," and took to the stage about three hours after the scheduled start time. Oops.

Madonna, Bucharest, 2009
Madonna's been booed a couple of times in her lengthy career, but that's just what happens when you voice unpopular opinions. The singer was met with a mixed reaction when she delivered a speech on discrimination against the Romani people at a concert in Bucharest.

Psy, Rome, 2013
Italian soccer fans were not buying what Psy was selling at half-time during the Italian Cup final. The singer shrugged off the mean reception, telling the crowd, "I love Italy."

Lauryn Hill, New York, 1998
Before she shot to fame with the Fugees, Lauryn Hill was just another promising young singer on Amateur Night at the Apollo. She got off to a particularly shaky start, and was only 15 seconds into her version of "Who's Lovin' You" when the jeers started.
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