Beyoncé's Grammy Performance Is Not the Most Risqué Thing Your Child Will Ever See


Last night, Beyoncé and Jay Z treated the Grammy audience to a scorching rendition of "Drunk in Love." The awards show opener featured five minutes of skillful leg work, and plenty of sexy gyrating between Yonce and her man. In other words, it was a TMI moment showcasing how this musical couple probably gets down in private.
Despite the performance being "tame" in comparison to past Grammy performances, some moms and fans were not impressed:
Let's get one thing straight: A performance between two people who have the hots for each other and aren't afraid to assert their love and sexual prowess is probably not the worst thing your child will ever see. Show them naked Miley Cyrus riding on a wrecking ball, or R. Kelly doing sexy push ups on top of Lady Gaga.

Better yet, show them Justin Bieber's DUI mugshot and ask your child if they even know what a DUI is... Trust us, the innocent youth on Twitter really want to know.
Despite the mini backlash Queen Bey's "Drunk in Love" performance stirred, there were many fans who saw things differently. 
Clearly, the Internet needs to get on board with just one definition of the word "class." 

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